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Prayaas India is a Non-Governmental Organisation providing free and high quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages near college campus. The whole management of the organization is handled by college students. Presently more than 800 childrens are getting free education. Apart from two-hours evening classes, meritorious of them are admitted in good private schools for formal education. Prayaas is a charitable organization in the service of underprivileged and poor children. The very foundation of Prayaas is aimed at reaching the forbidden section of society which lose more than they earn. It is run and fully supported by a very large, and ever-increasing, number of compassionate and generous students of B.I.T. Sindri, Dhanbad."Translation of vision into reality entails preparedness which is the sum total of five Ps:"

Our Mission


To educate , guide nation's budding breed which is still deprived. "Education is not merely the roadway to earning but the gateway to knowledge which makes living worthwhile." We at Prayaas have passion to work together ,to make the impossible possible. Creative brains are ready for the challenges ahead taking inspiration from the words of former president of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, "Sometimes you take a decision, when you take a decision ,some problems will occur but the problem should not defeat you. You should defeat the problem." Pride ..........to be the part of the PROGRESS and allying with a great cause. The true joy in life is to ally yourself to great purpose, to throw yourself into its heart and soul , to forget your little self for the realization of that purpose

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