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Prayaas India is a Non-Governmental Organisation providing free and high quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages near college campuses and also conduct Blood Donation Camp. The whole management of the organization is handled by college students. Apart from two-hours evening tuitions to around 950 children, they are admitted in good private schools for formal education.                                                                


Nineteen percent of the children in the world live in India. India is a youthful nation; the 440 million people in the country aged below 18 years are its future. Our country can only rightfully take its place on the world stage if it takes steps to ensure that the future of its children and therefore the country, is secure.In a country with 1,033,473 numbers of schools and 16,885 colleges and countless numbers of educational initiatives by the public and private sector there are still 100 millions children out of school of whom 60% are girls. With 35% of population still not literate a country cannot boast of achieving high standard of development.



  • Recently 27 units blood donated in Jalan Blood Bank by BIT Sindri Students
  • 99 units of Blood collectd by PMCH
  • 70 units blood was donated that was the maximum no. of Blood donation in a single day till 2012
  • In 2nd blood camp 38 units blood was collected
  • E-mail : prayaas.bitsindri@gmail.com

    Phone no. : +919801043605

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